Brause Nib - Cito Fein Nr.46 (Medium Soft) (1pc)

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Brause Nib - Cito Fein Nr.46 (Medium Soft) (1pc) Ratings: 0 - 0 votes

This nib set of three consists of the famous Cito Fein Nr. 46 Nib from the German manufacturer Brause. Founded in 1850, Brause calligraphy nibs have been considered by many calligraphers to be among the best on the market. This handsome nib features the Brause Rooster logo.

This steel fine nib has outstanding calligraphy qualities. This nib has a large reservoir, and stores a lot of ink. It is one of the best nibs for doing fine Copperplate, Spencerian and Modern Calligraphy. This fine nib lends itself well to loop de loops and cursive calligraphy handwriting. Because this nib is medium soft, it allows for the ink to flow depending upon how hard you press on the paper. This allows for a variance of line thickness in your letter forms.

We found it easy to write and draw with this nib, making it a unique, all-around dip pen nib. This nib works with all standard pen nib holders. It's a standard for hand-lettering. The turned up point makes it so that this nib doesn't snag on the paper. So perfect for beginners!

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