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Brause Nib - Rosefedern Nr.76 (Highly Elastic) (1pc)

RM 12.00
Brause Nib - Rosefedern Nr.76 (Highly Elastic) (1pc) Ratings: 0 - 0 votes

Larger elasticity of stylus, high ink control difficulty, less suitable for primary use

Suitable for writing copper plate, micro elastic pen tip, novice Tip, the fingertip itself is a little groove, using thinner ink or novices is also relatively less prone to ink collapse

Notes: Please remove surface protective oil with toothpaste or dishwashing when using new styles, please remove the pen tip from the pen pole after use., keep dry, oil may also be filled at your discretion, to prevent rusting of pen tips, extension of service life

Applicable fonts: Copper plate (copperplate)、 es font (engrosser's script)

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