Joee Cheong Creative Studio (JCCS) Watercolour - Essential Primary Palette

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Essential (Primary) Palette

Our New JCCS Essential palette consist of 3 primaries (Primary Red, Primary Yellow, Primary Blue). This makes it an essential palette have in your collection. While we love a wide range of colours, having a limited palette will really help you enlarge your creativity and it enables you to learn a lot more about colours through mixing. This is a set that mixes a range of bright colours and also can be earthy and muted. 

Comes with a complementary tin box.

About our handmade JCCS colours

They are artist grade, lightfast watercolours and have a natural beautiful granulation that can be layered from thick to thin. Each colour is carefully hand mulled and poured to set on pans and palettes in our studio using fine quality pigments, natural watercolour binding medium made from the sap of acacia trees and distilled water with a mix of our own recipe. Each colour is unique and different from factory made watercolours and are sustainable for our environment.

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