Kakamot Plushie - Goding the Pygmy Elephant

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Goding the Pygmy Elephant plushie is inspired by the  Pygmy Elephant of Borneo. This plushie is 15cm width x 14cm tall and available at Salt x Paper Stationery & Gift shop (click Shop button - while stock lasts).
Scientists once believed this petite pachyderm descended from a domesticated collection of elephants. However, DNA tests show that the Borneo pygmy elephant is genetically different from the Asian elephant. They are considered very gentle and sometimes their tails are so long, they drag on the ground!
Loss of natural habitat is the primary threat to this species. As they lose land, these elephants must come in more frequent contact with humans, which can cause them injuries or even death.
How You Can Help: 
1.World Wildlife Fund: Learn more about the species and what you can do to aid conservation efforts.
2.Sheldrick Wildlife Trust: Learn what you can do to help save elephant species all over the world.
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