Kakamot Plushie - Impayutong the Slow Loris

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Impayutong The Slow Loris Plushie is inspired by the Nycticebus kayan or Kayan River Slow Loris; a species of slow loris that is native to the northern and central highland region of the island of Borneo. 
This plushie dimensions are 29cm tall x 10cm wide (without arms extended) made of soft anti pill polar fleece fabrics and stuffed with polyester fiberfill. Facial details are carefully handsewn. Currently available at @saltxpaper (shop link at bio).
The North Borneo indigenous people called these nocturnal tree crawlers with many names - Impayutong, Induyutong or Tanduyutong. In Peninsular Malaysia, they are called Kukang and Malu-malu in Indonesia. The word 'Loeris' is the Dutch word for clown, a name this species probably earned because of unique facial features that resemble a clown mask.
Slow Loris is unique in other ways too - it is a venomous mammal! The loris secretes venom through glands under their arms, which coates their teeth when grooming. While rarely used as a defense mechanism, the venom can make bites potentially fatal which is the main reason fangs are removed or broken without anaesthesia when lorises are captured and illegally sold in the pet trade (a practice that can lead to infection and/or death).
You can help change the demand for this species in the pet trade by reporting online videos that show pet lorises behaving in way their owners find "cute" - these cute poses are often reactions to high levels of both stress and fear.
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