Kakamot Plushie Keychain - Pirit

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Our Pirit Keychain are inspired by the local House Sparrows 

 Approx. 9.5cm tall x 9.5cm wide with attached key chain 

Pirit, as the Dusuns call them, are everywhere. There they hop and chirp here and there, in parks, on streets and at city squared. Or, maybe not! 
The bubbly little birds did use to be ubiquitous, but house sparrows have gone increasingly AWOL in recent years from urban landscapes in India and elsewhere, including Malaysia. The cause: habitat loss in ever denser urban environments that have been driving them closer to the edge of extinction in many towns and cities.
Common sparrows are going extinct because of mindless urbanisation. They are losing not just their natural habitats but also the essential human touch they need and thrive upon. Sparrows fulfill an important ecological role in towns and cities both as prey and as plant pollinators. They also feed on the larvae of mosquitoes and insects, thereby helping keep such pest populations in check.
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