Kakamot Plushie - Rangui the Rhinoceres Beetle

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Our latest addition - Rangui, The Rhinoceros Beetle Plushie (26cm width x 18cm height). Inspired by the The Moellenkampi beetle (Chalcosoma moellenkampi), aka three-horned rhinoceros beetle, is one of three large species of dynastid rhinoceros beetles from Southeast Asia.
They are characterized by having two large, forward-projecting horns on the pronotum or thorax, and another large, forward and upward-projecting horn on the head. They also have a distinct metallic lustre, which is the reason behind their genus name, which derives from Greek, chalko-, and is the combining form of chalkós, meaning copper.
The male rhinoceros beetle may look fierce, with a large horn protruding from its head, but they are harmless to humans and feed only upon plant material. However, they do use their horn for fighting each other— battling over females and for feeding sites on trees, logs, and even crops. The horns are used not to inflict injury on each other but rather to force rivals from a disputed area; they will even knock another male off a tree if they smell a female!.
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