Kakamot Plushie - Tasu the Dog (Brown)

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Tasu is a Dusun Kadazan word for dogs. Hence, our Tasu plushie!
Size of figure is approx. 16 cm x 15 cm.
Made of soft anti pill polar fleece fabric, hand stitched details and filled with polyfiber fill, its hard to not give this fluff a tight hug and sink your face in it! Click Shop button to purchase. Limited pieces til stock lasts.
Walk to any longhouse throughout Borneo and chances are you will be met first by a dog. Or a whole lot of dogs! Those of us afraid of dogs will cringe, and wait for someone to chase them away. Those of us who love dogs will say hello to them, smile and cautiously continue walking. And that’s the end of that. We go about our business having greeted, then ignored these dogs.
It will surprise you to learn that you might have just met one of Borneo’s most enigmatic mysteries – an animal found only on Borneo, and until today, not definitely identified by scientists. Yes, we are talking about possibly one of the world’s unique species, the Bornean Basenji, or Bornean hunting dog.
The Bornean dog is not a domesticated dog. There are two types of home-living pet dogs. The first are those that are completely domesticated. The other type is called Schensi dogs, or independent dogs. They can live happy lives with humans, but are very difficult to train without cruelly punishing them. They simply choose to live with us whilst remaining completely “independent”. Our Bornean dog is a Schensi dog.
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