Kakamot Plushie - Tree

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Hug-A-Tree Plushie is 30cm tall x 18cm width.

This design represents our Bornean rainforest. The greatest diversity of flora occurs in Borneo. Particularly giant trees such as Dipterocarp and Koompassia Excelsa.  Dipterocarp is a genus of flowering plants and the type genus of family Dipterocarpaceae. It is also known for its flying seeds. Dipterocarp trees are well known for timber, but less acknowledged for its use in traditional herbal medicine. There are many species of dipterocarp trees at Poring Hot Spring and you cant miss this giant at its Ethnobotanical Garden. The Ethnobotanical Garden of Poring displays some useful and medicinal plants as well as jungle fruits. As for Koompassia Excelsa, or more famously known as Mengaris, a tall tree with a smooth bark and because of its hollow trunk - it is no good for timber but it is good for the honey bees ! Honey bees love to make this tree as their home because it is safe from honey eating animals such as sun bears (check last pic). You can find this giant at the Rainforest Discovery Centre in Sandakan. Due to massive scale of deforestation and climate change, our rainforest are rapidly declining as we speak. The rainforest provides home and food for the wildlife and also other plants. Not to forget, it provide us air to breathe and cleans the air too. Hence your support towards conservation and preservation of our flora and fauna is vital to secure the future of our planet.

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