Mossery Sketchbook - Hardcover Wire-O - Seafoam - Watercolour

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Spark Creativity 

We’ve all been there — we encounter something and feel driven to translate that inspiration into a sketch or a piece of writing. Or sometimes, inspiration comes from within us — undefinable, until we give it a form. As stationery makers, we wanted to create a book that would carry all of these moments safely. 

100% Cotton Watercolour Sketchbook 

Papers made with cotton, which have long and flexible fibres, are more durable and pliable than mass wood pulp papers. 

Mould Made- Mould made paper has the consistent quality of machine made papers but retains characteristics of handmade papers. 

Long Life - Acid-free paper can last very long without yellowing and rapid deterioration because they are lignin and sulfur free. 

Mixed Media 224gsm 

Size - 200 mm H × 136 mm W 

7.87" H × 5.35" W

Sheets/Pages - 38 Sheets / 76 Pages

Finish - Smooth Finish & Fine Grain texture suitable for more detailed work

Colour - Bright white

Suitable for Dry and Wet Mediums

Properties - Acid Free & ISO 9706 - Long Life

 Watercolour 300gsm 

Size - 200 mm H × 136 mm W 

7.87" H × 5.35" W 

Sheets/Pages - 28 Sheets / 56 Pages 

Finish - Textured Finish & Cold Press texture suitable for watercolour washes 

Colour - Off White 

Suitable for Wet Mediums 

Properties - Acid Free &ISO 9706 - Long Life

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