Say What Card Game - Japanese SWJ0001

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Learn more than just Sushi and Takeshi. Snag a deck for yourself for some firsthand Japanese fun!

Beautifully illustrated and guaranteed endless entertainment for friends and family. Now you can be the Japanese Champion, Ganbatte!

High quality deck of 52 Japanese playing cards. Includes 24 Verb Cards (Blue Cards) and 24 Noun Cards (Red Cards), with 4 other cards on Gameplay, About, Discounts and Voice Clips respectively.


Learn a new language! The catch? You won't just speak like an ass, you'll have to act like one. Muck things up and say the dumbest sentences while doing silly gestures. Your team mates guess what you're saying and the team with the boldest shameless players win! So silly that you will be snorting with non-stop laughter. 

Play, learn and have fun.

SAY WHAT? Audio Resource

Can't say the words. Don't panic! Save that for when yeti chase you in the mountains. 

Go to

Each sentence and vocabulary card has a number at the bottom. Punch those in to hear how the words are supposed to sound. 

Practice while on the go and one day you'll become a true Dialect God! 

Ages 18+

Time 30 - 90mins

Players 2 to 16+

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